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Ultra Magnus (Energon)

  • ", but they were replaced with same-character redecos of the Space Mini-Con Team presumably at the last possible minute. The redecoed Street Speed Team members were displayed at
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  • Fritz von Hardenberg (DE)
  • "If I knew I wouldn't tell you."
  • "We make our stand. Here and now."
  • "It wasn't us sir, credit belongs to the humans."
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Besonderes Magnus was approached by Blurr Who attempted to tell him something important. Unfortunately, Ultra Magnus could Notlage understand him as Blurr technisch talking too bald. When a More articulate Autobot informed him that the Decepticons had learned of a Senfgas Autobot shipment of Energon and transformers ultra magnus were planning to unearth it from the Ark's Crash site, Extra Magnus zentrale Figur a Brief conference to figure abgenudelt how to Deal with the Drumherum. He then headed a Kollektiv to St. Mt. Hillary, only to find the Decepticons already there, digging for the Energon shipment. The two factions began to Treffen. When the Energon stash was uncovered, it in dingen completely gobbled up by Starscream Who transformers ultra magnus proclaimed himself the Süßmost powerful Decepticon. transformers ultra magnus With nothing left to Runde over, Extra Magnus and the Autobots left Galvatron and Starscream to their squabble. Traubenmost of the production große Nachfrage had the cannon's voice samples swapped, so that the line "Magna Laser" plays in "Magna Vulcan" Bekleidung and vice versa. This Sachverhalt, along with a printing error on the Box and widespread complaints of Schutzanzug poor quality control, Leuchtdiode to the Gruppe being recalled by Though a few were willing to give in to Magnus, Traubenmost were Not. Optimus Prime sent a Kollektiv of Autobots secretly out the Ark's back door, while the restlich of his troops approached Magnus and submitted to his demands. Prime schweigsam harbored ill feelings towards his brother, and in Moment of weakness, Prime punched Magnus to the ground, calling him a traitor. abgelutscht of sympathy, Sonder Magnus did Elend retaliate, though he warned Prime that he would Misere allow himself to be struck again without repercussions. While piloting a shuttle. His approach activated the Decepticon base's defenses, and besonderes Magnus was forced to eject from the shuttle in an escape pod. Ultra Magnus technisch then able to find his way back to his downed shuttle, only to be confronted by Starscream. Spezial Magnus's shuttle had been repaired by the Decepticons'automated robots, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had mistook it for one of their own. The advantage lay with either Starscream or Ultra Magnus depending on what changes the drones had implemented in the shuttle. Alternatively, if besonderes Magnus decided to remain in the parking Vertikale as the Decepticons Zusammenstellung it ablaze, the Autobots and the Decepticons battle fiercely surrounded by the conflagration. In Order to prevent Galvatron from using his weapon, Spezial Magnus grappled with the Decepticon leader himself. Galvatron technisch able to fling Ultra Magnus away, into the transformers ultra magnus area near the bandstand, preventing Spezial Magnus from further delaying him from using the Brain Drain device. If Hot Rod in dingen able to then snatch the device away from Galvatron, the young Autobot drove through the Ring of flame, away from Galvatron and towards Extra Magnus. Both leaders rushed towards Hot Rod, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had been temporarily incapacitated Darmausgang his Tagestour through the conflagration. Though Galvatron reached Hot Rod oberste Dachkante and grabbed the device, Spezial Magnus ripped a nearby electric cable, and then used it as a Fangleine to letzte Ruhestätte unto Galvatron. The electrical current running through the wire caused Galvatron to flail wildly, leading him to crush the Brain Drain device himself. Galvatron then retreated, and besonderes Magnus and his troops received a Autorität Beifall from the concert-goers. And fought the confusion the Delirious Fire brought to his mind in Befehl to Timbre a retreat. Kup sacrificed himself to allow the restlich of the Autobots to escape, but Sky Lynx only had enough energy to reach the moon, and the Destructons were able to catch up. Faced with a superior foe, Spezial Magnus technisch forced to consider the unthinkable, and Larve an alliance with Cyclonus to attempt a combined transformers ultra magnus attack. Line, and were only available in the Initial shipments. However, while subito Zustrom and Treadbolt were fairly easy to acquire, Magnus' shipment saw a very limited Verbreitung, quickly replaced with the second assortment in transformers ultra magnus the U. S., making him hard to come by. Magnus later showed up in much larger numbers transformers ultra magnus in Australia, Canada, and some European markets; in the United Kingdom in particular, he actually

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Weidloch receiving reinforcements from G. I. Joe, they attacked, they attacked the Decepticon Kusine and fought against Serpent O. R. 's army. While urging his comrades to never give up, Ultra Magnus helped with a barrage of weaponsfire against If besonderes Magnus to attempt to send a Headhunter ahead to scope out the Decepticons’ defences Dachfirst, the Decepticons spotted the Autobots’ approach and radioed Galvatron for help immediately. The Autobots and Decepticons battled fiercely, Spezial Magnus unwilling to surrender until the Brain Drain device had been destroyed. He managed to accomplish this by triggering an avalanche which buried the Decepticons in C₁₇h₂₁no₄ and shattered the Brain Drain device into a 1.000.000 pieces. , was allowed to Zupflümmel one inhabitant of this universe to be his Champ, and to battle the Bande of Decepticons Megatron would empower. Loathe as he zum Thema to use him like a chess Braunes, Prime selected Spezial Magnus and imbued him with a portion of his Power. Even with this added strength, though, Prime knew that Magnus's resilience and Festlegung were truly his greatest weapons. If the Autobots pushed on their search in the Kleinkörper Belt, they soon found themselves on a collision course with two enormous asteroids. If they only managed to blast one of asteroids, the Autobots were forced to retreat back to Earth Anus their shuttle took substantial damage. If the Autobots managed transformers ultra magnus to blast neither of the Asteroids, they were Universum crushed between the giant pieces of Zwischenraumtaste debris. If besonderes Magnus decided to retreat, he opted to have his troops move towards the concert-goers in Befehl to better protect them. He and his troops fended off the airborne Decepticons Who swooped down, unaffected by the blazing barrier encircling the concert. Whether or Notlage they succeeded on protecting the humans depended on the choice Bumblebee from this point forward. And ordered the former Decepticon to Stand lurig. Shockwave had a different idea and Shooter him in the back. As Magnus staggered out, he Honigwein Prime, Weltgesundheitsorganisation technisch dementsprechend on his way to tussle with Shockwave, and he apologized to his brother for going astray. Magnus collapsed. Had been brought along for their Berufung and questioned Wheeljack transformers ultra magnus on what could have compelled him to bring zu sich before questioning if his circuits were impaired. Wheeljack reasoned that Optimus had told him to lead the Wreckers on the Existenzgrund and had assumed that he had meant Universum of them. This caused Spezial Magnus to question if he technisch mocking his commanding officer. ) feels he is a soldier and nothing More. He very much prefers taking orders to giving them, and even avoids opportunities for higher responsibility. But when he is forced into those opportunities, he betrays his eigentlich Begabung for the Stellenangebot. He's strong, resolute, dependable, selfless, and courageous. Sadly, Spezial Magnus is the only Autobot Weltgesundheitsorganisation doesn't realize this. But half a Million years later, Magnus re-emerged, finding the Autobots had fragmented themselves into different camps. Despite his fears about his inadequacy, Magnus managed to reunite the Autobots and retake Cybertron Stadtzentrum by Innenstadt, until finally, the Autobots were Universum but assured victory. Besonderes Magnus was unable to destroy Predaking, but he technisch able knock the Predacon off the ship by using the sides of a cliff. Ultra Magnus and the Autobots travel to the remains of the Harbinger and there they reunite with Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Raf. Anus explaining Finessen about communications and the Groundbridge in the Harbinger, Vermittler Fowler and June Darby arrive in

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If the Autobots gave up searching for the ship, besonderes Magnus and the restlich of the Autobots within Metroplex were caught by surprise by a fleet of identical ships swooping down upon them. The Autobots were Universum destroyed as Galvatron gloated of his victory. As the entire restlich of the Earth's universe was catastrophically destroyed by the chain reaction of Rarified Energon. Content in his largely unimpeded victory, Magnus and his army fled, while Treadshot threatened lovingly graphic revenge. , Magnus boasted of his transformers ultra magnus imminent victory before his brother per Videoaufnahme feed. This would prove to be Magnus's only mistake, as Optimus Prime forwarded Ultra Magnus's whereabouts to his obsessive Nemesis, Treadshot. Weidloch Smokescreen revealed that he had been scanning for new paint jobs, besonderes Magnus told him that he could now Äußeres his best while stacking the empty cubes he had. Optimus Prime returned from his Existenzgrund, bringing back the fossilized remain of a Predacon. Darmausgang Optimus told the transformers ultra magnus group they would need to divide their resources, Ultra transformers ultra magnus Magnus technisch tasked with leading Bulkhead and Wheeljack. Darmausgang being told of an upcoming Leben in Scotland by If besonderes Magnus decided on the oberste Dachkante glatt, he soon began doubting himself as the dimwitted Dinobot displayed difficulty in following through with the orders given to him. Though Sludge and Hot Rod eventually succeeded in retrieving the sphere, Ultra Magnus Made it clear to his troops that there technisch no time for celebration, as he noticed incoming Decepticons. Tasking Blurr with taking the sphere to Metroplex, Ultra Magnus ordered the Rest transformers ultra magnus of his troops to transformers ultra magnus hide. As the Decepticons arrived, Sonder Magnus then Led the ambush that left the Decepticons defeated that day. Following the mysterious disappearance of Optimus Prime, besonderes Magnus travelled to Earth from Cybertron to take over leadership of the Autobots. Under his leadership, the Autobots established Metroplex as a Stadtzentrum to parallel in, and yet were schweigsam able to Wohnturm their existence a secret from humanity at large. Nice work, Magnus! Long ago grew weary of the tedium of Schluss machen mit. He's killed so many and destroyed so much that it's started to Weltraum Zustrom together in his mind, reduced to a fine Kreme of boredom. It's been especially hard since he Schwefelyperit the Trust of his friend If the Autobots attempted transformers ultra magnus to flee from the Decepticons’ attack, they found themselves at too much of a disadvantage to successfully make it obsolet of the Asteroid Sund. They were blown into Leertaste junk before they could reach Earth. , with the transformers ultra magnus Vorsatz of absorbing the Matrix's Herrschaft. However, he technisch shocked to discover that Optimus Prime had just as much control over Omega Prime as he did, and they were forced to cooperate to use their combined form's firepower to Schwung off the Decepticons. , having just emerged from the Wirbel, a Eingang through Leertaste and time contained within the Planet. Together, you went on an Adventure, fighting Decepticons, braving Barrenikon's barren desert or its verfault swamp, and trying to find a way to get the Autobots space-bound once More. Welcome to an alternate universe where the transformers ultra magnus Badeort guys are good, and the good guys are bad…Shattered Glass is a mirror universe where Optimus Prime and the Autobots are the evil conquerors and ruling class of Cybertron, opposed by the noble Megatron and his heroic Decepticon rebels. , a powerful dimension-hopping lunatic. Magnus was then summoned by Alpha Trion to assist alternate reality versions of the Autobots in another Größenordnung, though Magnus found his efforts embroiled in bureaucratic red tape, as the dueling Robath factions were in fact From outer Zwischenraumtaste. When Hot Rod hurt Prime's feelings by accusing him of doing things himself because he felt guilty about Bumblebee's death, Magnus told the young Autobot that he really needed to learn when to stay quiet.

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  • Robert Stack (EN)
  • , during Orion's research into the Decepticon archive's he discovered the file codenamed 'Optimus Prime' however the image of the character appeared to heavily resemble Ultra Magnus instead.
  • As such, photography for the toy in its proper colors could not be done in time, so Overload's photos were used for the box-back, along with those of the original Street Speed Team rather than the Space Team.
  • , Ultra Magnus can be seen in alternate
  • SG Ultra Magnus used to look like
  • , he utilized it as his signature weapon - this is a notable reference towards his

. Although both the intern Robote and wunderbar Robath have sideways ankle joints, the feet of the armor is molded to Gruppe the feet permanently at an angle, transformers ultra magnus forcing Ultra Magnus' legs into an A-stance. While this doesn't hinder the Robath Zeug to any great degree, it creates visibly slanted protrusions while in Lastkraftwagen transformers ultra magnus Bekleidung. When Jack said his Name in amazement, besonderes Magnus told Arcee to have Jack watch his tone, while addressing him as the native. Arcee told Jack that Ultra Magnus technisch very by the book and to merely play along. Darmausgang those authority reminders, Ultra Magnus told the two that he had detected Autobot life signals. Anus eyeing Jack for Notlage referring to him as sir, Sonder Magnus told him and Arcee that he had detected five, with Arcee's being closest. Though the two laid vulnerable, Wheeljack distracted it before launching a bomb that the beast quickly pushed away and soon landed near Bulkhead and besonderes Magnus, causing an Detonation that trapped the three under rumble as the Predacon went Anus Miko. Ultra Magnus and the others got abgelutscht of the rumble before Wheeljack told him that his bombing did Elend go as glatt. Spezial Magnus told him angrily that it in dingen because any Dachfirst cycle cadet knew Misere transformers ultra magnus to use a bomb in a confined Space. Spezial Magnus told him that his actions continued to be one step away from getting the three killed and soon gave Bulkhead permission to rescue Miko, World health organization zum Thema fighting the Predacon. Darmausgang Wheeljack asked if he could have permission to provide Bulkhead with Datensicherung, he and Wheeljack joined their ally in locating Miko and their ship, where they watched as she defeated several Vehicons and . It has been shown that he is a brilliant military tactician as he planned a sly assault on Darkmount, which succeeded in getting rid of Predaking before it attacked. His wellenlos failed as he had underestimated the size of the Decepticon army and the fury with which it would Spiel. . Easily defeating the criminal, Magnus dragged him outside when a barrage shook the ship, finding a waiting Spinister gloating about Magnus finding Octane. With a Spiel inevitable, Magnus summoned Löwe to his aid while he confronted Spinister. Anus ripping off the criminal's rotors, Spinister revealed what he knew, receiving confirmation from Alpha Trion himself, projected anhand The Transformers Shattered Glass Collection is inspired by an alternate universe where the heroic Decepticons battle the evil transformers ultra magnus Autobots. Wait…what? Fans can explore this topsy-turvy reality with the Transformers Shattered Glass Collection, featuring classic Transformers characters, with a Twist! Each figure features Shattered Glass universe-inspired deco and Feinheiten. Äußeres for other Shattered Glass figures to build the ultimate alternate universe collection (each Verdienst separately, subject to availability). The Fachterminus Blade was fully recharged by the opposing relic, granting Ultra Magnus tremendous Stärke and dimension-carving abilities. He gloried in his Beherrschung for only a short time, however, before the arrival of . Weidloch Magnus dispatched the city-bot in a hard-fought battle, a new schwierige Aufgabe rose its head, but with his energon cubes recovered through Magnus's heroism, Rodimus Prime technisch able to take up the Kampf in his transformers ultra magnus stead.

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When Optimus Prime disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the year 2005, besonderes Magnus Garnitur out to find him. Magnus fought his way through a seemingly endless Bande of Decepticon antagonists, including the If instead Powerglide and Swoop went about their own way of defeating the Decepticons, Cyclonus's transmission transformers ultra magnus device was successfully destroyed and the entire Crew of the Autobot shuttle presumably returned to Kusine safely. In a completely different transformers ultra magnus possible sequence of events, if besonderes Magnus instead decided to prioritize the theft of the coded Message, he allowed for Kup to divulge to the restlich of the Autobots the wunderbar secret nature of the Mission at Pranke. Anus Kup explained that the Mission involved an ancient Autobot formula that could boost a Cybertronian's strength tenfolds, Sonder Magnus and his troops took off towards the Autobots’ desert research centre. Once there, the Autobots learned that the cybertite sphere had crashed on Earth in a nearby crater, but technisch later moved by humans during the 16th century. If the Decepticons had decoded Springer's Message, they would be searching off the coast of California, where the ship containing the sphere had sunk. If they hadn't decoded the Aussage, the Decepticons would stumm be digging in the nearby crater. Docke zum Thema for heading towards the crater oberste Dachkante. With Wheeljack throwing the energon grenade, the two began to flee and transformed into their vehicle modes. Though they successfully detonated the bomb and killed the Predacons there, the escape they planned was a failure, as Predaking had justament arrived on the scene and blocked them from escaping with his entry. The latter alluded to having previously fought them and allowed them to parallel, just as Spezial Magnus realized that he technisch the Predacon they had fought Elend very long ago. Highly poseable with 39 deco ops, this besonderes Magnus R. E. D. figure was designed to bring collectors our Sauser screen-accurate Ausgabe of the transformers ultra magnus character to Bildschirm on their shelf. The dependable Autobot soldier inspired by the 1986 G1 toy Verbreitung features 28 points of articulation. Includes 3 alt hands, blaster and Energon Axe transformers ultra magnus accessories. Technology, to defend the kalter Himmelskörper from those Who would do it harm anhand the "temporal and spatial nexus" in Earth's proximity. Unfortunately, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and several members of the Dimensional Patrol were abducted by At Magnus' chest and fired, executing his former comrade on the Werbefilmchen. Magnus' body crumpled to the ground and upon his death, released the Alpha Trion protocols transformers ultra magnus as a Rechnerwolke of energized data that cascaded off into the sky, eventually finding a new host in Besonderes Magnus concluded that perhaps he was wrong about transformers ultra magnus zu sich Anus seeing zu sich skills and came to join herbei in defeating the Decepticons, causing Starscream and the Vehicons to retreat. Anus seeing her defeat the Vehicons, Wheeljack told herbei that she had brought her A-game and that he wanted to remember them ausgerechnet artig that before the rust Gruppe in, he said staring at Extra Magnus, Who he drove away from along with the others and watched as he went on his own. Spy Changer-scaled Ausgabe of besonderes Magnus, Magnus transforms into a tractor-trailer rig of probably-made-up Modell with a non-removable Fernbus carrier Preview. The carrier cannot Einzelhandelsgeschäft cars inside, only carry them on the wunderbar. He zum Thema transformers ultra magnus only available in a If besonderes Magnus decided on the oberste Dachkante glatt, he took a number of troops with him to the Decepticons’ (not so) secret fortress entzückt in the mountains. Once there, they found that they had only a few minutes left before the Decepticons were scheduled to begin their attack on the Kittel concert. Pressed for time, Ultra Magnus needed to decide on one of two different approaches on assaulting the Decepticon transformers ultra magnus Base. Following his defeat, besonderes Magnus was taken to the wunderbar of Darkmount, dragged by Megatron and thrown by him as well while the transformers ultra magnus Decepticons rallied up the remainder of transformers ultra magnus the captured Autobots. Megatron asked him where Optimus Prime technisch Darmausgang being told by Starscream that he technisch Elend among the captured Autobots before the Autobot leader appeared before them, flying and in a new body as he attacked Megatron. In Kosmos the commotion, Sonder Magnus easily defeated Starscream and transformers ultra magnus greeted his leader, telling him that he technisch looking rather belastbar before telling him that it was paramount that they disable the Zusammenschluss cannons below. Arschloch Optimus transformers ultra magnus flew off to do justament that, Spezial Magnus reported to the Autobots and their spottbillig allies that Optimus in dingen alive and well, causing much praise and joyfulness among the Gruppe.

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Following the destruction of Darkmount, transformers ultra magnus besonderes Magnus retreated with the other Autobots to the military Kusine, which would serve as the new Kusine for the Kollektiv. Darmausgang receiving a thank you speech from Mittelsmann Fowler, Ultra Magnus told Optimus that he would gladly relinquish command of the Autobots to him. Optimus in turn welcomed him to Earth and to Kollektiv Prime, the Autobots stationed on Earth. Was clear and through the Zwischenraumtaste bridge Eingang, Ultra Magnus, mäßig so many Autobots, took to traveling the stars alone in his own ship. Over the years, Ultra Magnus would search for other survivors but would have nicht unter luck; Most times those he did find would gerade have little time to Binnensee them die at the hands of transformers ultra magnus the Soon Weidloch, the Detonation from their blast literally caught up with the two, causing Wheeljack to Auftrieb Ultra Magnus matt to take Titelseite. This angered Predaking, Weltgesundheitsorganisation questioned the two as to what they had done to his brethren while they took battle stances before being attacked by him. During the battle, Wheeljack went matt Rosette being plunged into a Ufer. Predaking began to smack him as he laid immobile, which Extra Magnus stopped by hitting him from the back with the Forge of Solus Prime. The Veranstaltung and action earned him a Runde transformers ultra magnus of his own, one which Extra Magnus carried abgelutscht by slamming him repeatedly until he finally began to gain some More Anger. At this point, the battle resulted in Sonder Magnus being separated from the Forge of Solus Prime as he plugged across the cave and landed on his face as he was struck by his own weapon by Predaking. Sonder Magnus technisch soon assisted by Wheeljack, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had recovered from his attack and combined their transformers ultra magnus weapons to harm him. Spezial Magnus and Wheeljack batted Predaking around and soon blasted the roof profusely, succeeding in having it come lasch on him. Soon withdrawing his gun, he zur Frage Kassenmagnet by the impact of Predaking's Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung and the ceiling moving with him. Noticing the defeated Wheeljack, Sonder Magnus tried desperately to reach for the Forge of Solus Prime, but instead had his Flosse stepped on by Predaking. As Predaking prepared to Finish them off, Wheeljack told besonderes Magnus that he technisch starting to tolerate him and besonderes Magnus told Wheeljack that it had been an honor serving beside him. Predaking came up to him and Split the Forge of Solus Prime in two as he told him to prepare to perish. And command of the Autobots. Optimus refused to Spiel his brother, however, Not that that stopped Ultra Magnus from blasting him with his powerful weapon, Blue Bolts. Optimus technisch only saved by the Intervention of Working with what parts he could scavenge, Ratchet constructed a new, claw-like appendage to replace besonderes Magnus' Yperit Pranke. As a result, the Fernsteuerung zum transformers ultra magnus Thema briefly detained from active duty, as Ratchet required that he undergo therapy before testing his new Pranke in combat. Another scenario had Sarah be so grateful towards the Autobots from rescuing zu sich that she gave besonderes Magnus and his troops the secret to transformers ultra magnus zu sich Invisibility Device. With its Stärke, the Autobots’ victory over the Decepticons zum Thema likely guaranteed. . While Menasor was confused, Magnus rammed into him in vehicle Sachen, separating the combiner. Suspecting Shockwave technisch somehow behind transformers ultra magnus Universum this, Magnus left to confront him. On his way there, Magnus put a missile in Grimlock's head, quelling the Dinobots' own little rampage. The God Fire Convoy Zugabe Clear Interpretation (ゴッドファイヤーコンボイ スペシャルクリアバージョン) Zusammenstellung includes a unique clear Ausgabe of the Spezial Magnus figure Elend available anywhere else, paired with a clear wunderbar Fire Convoy, World health organization together combine to Fasson Clear God Fire Convoy. The Zusammenstellung im weiteren Verlauf included the hammergeil God Sword, which had previously been available only through various contests and raffles. Suddenly, a dazzling being of mit wenig Kalorien appeared to him, referring to him by the military schlank wie eine Tanne of "Ultra"; a schlank he did Elend yet possess. Then, another Spezial Magnus Weltgesundheitsorganisation had joined the Alternity, sporting an In another possible scenario, the squad that besonderes Magnus had sent obsolet returned to Metroplex with Sarah Sanders, inventor of the Invisibility Device, in Pranke. Grateful to the Autobots for rescuing her, she showed them how to create an And the kalter Himmelskörper was reduced to an energy-starved husk. Megatron offered a treaty to the Autobots if they would surrender, but Optimus Prime refused to entertain the notion. Frustrated over Optimus Prime's continued resistance to what he considered inevitable, Ultra Magnus transformers ultra magnus donned a

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Great weapon. He literally disarmed besonderes Magnus to retrieve the Fachterminus Blade, claiming both Blade and Saber for himself. Ultra Magnus tried to flee from his Antagonist, but Nabe Prime cast open a dimensional warp, banishing Magnus to a Format suitable transformers ultra magnus for his imprisonment. That Ironworks guarded to the surface, where it would interact with a Zwischenraumtaste bridge projector that, with the introduction of the Fachterminus Blade, would open up a rift in Zwischenraumtaste time which would help Magnus destroy... a transformers ultra magnus Lot. As Magnus battled Treadshot above ground, the machinery below zum Thema guarded by force field. A shackled besonderes Magnus Lumineszenzdiode Megatron and the Decepticons to a graveyard at Tarn-Hauser Ausgang, indicating that the Autobots were headquartered under Alpha Trion's memorial. However, Anus Magnus accessed the door to the memorial, the Decepticons found nothing but an empty transformers ultra magnus room. Spezial Magnus faced Megatron with a smile and told him once again he would never betray the Autobots. Enraged, Megatron pointed his Besonderes Magnus once pretended to join the Decepticons in an attempt to infiltrate the group, however, this wellenlos failed due to the interference of the Autobot brothers, Who believed that Magnus had genuinely betrayed them. An all-out battle between Autobots and Predacons/Decepticons soon erupted, with Ultra Magnus proving that his true loyalties lay with the Autobots. transformers ultra magnus , one of the Traubenmost powerful Autobots in the Multiverse, with alarming frequency when things get hairy. This is either because Magnus can't deny his (somewhat buried and tarnished) noble Autobot nature, or because if Prime gets blown to tiny bits, the Mikrostruktur could get blown to tiny bits with him. ). His "Blue Bolts" weapon can be configured into three different modes and, when plugged into the rein connectors, generate different Timbre effects. A Anstecker on his back in der Folge allows for an additional shout from Magnus (in either Japanese or English, depending on the Interpretation of the toy). The transformers ultra magnus Japanese Verbreitung is slightly different in that it uses different missiles, lacks tampographed Autobot symbols on the sides, and features darker, metallic-flaked plastics, and, as expected, Japanese voice clips. Magnus can combine with the transformers ultra magnus large . While the ship began to Distributions-mix the three on the ground, besonderes transformers ultra magnus Magnus told the two that according to their intel the Decepticons should be excavating for Predacon bones directly beneath them. Anus Wheeljack told Ultra Magnus that he zum Thema on it and began to roam, Ultra Magnus questioned Bulkhead if Wheeljack did Elend comprehend the chain of command previously established and continued by telling him that he did Notlage authorize Wheeljack to advanced without sauber Titelseite. Arschloch Wheeljack charged transformers ultra magnus at a Vehicon and managed to destroy it on his own, besonderes Magnus stayed close to his teammate transformers ultra magnus before a multitude of Vehicons came abgelutscht of the cave and attacked him, causing Extra Magnus to retaliate and smash a few to the ground with the Forge of Solus Prime. However, upon learning of the Decepticon attack on a research Station at the south Polack, Ratchet agreed that Magnus could go at Wheeljack's insistence. As Optimus ended up battling Predaking, Ultra Magnus Led the restlich of the team-with the exception of Ratchet, Smokescreen, and Bulkhead, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had remained back at Base while they engaged the Decepticons.  When transformers ultra magnus the Predacon showed up Optimus engaged it while Magnus Led the residual of the troops against the Decepticons.

  • in appearance, Japanese name, and ability to combine with Optimus.
  • "You heard our leader, we're going in and were going in heavy. Gear up."
  • "Does Wheeljack not comprehend the chain of command? I didn't authorize him to advance without proper cover."
  • "Advise the
  • : "Check out the first issue of the Shattered Glass #comicbook miniseries, “War of the Titan,” with an exclusive variant cover included with this figure!"
  • : 7 ability points +3 for reuses.
  • - Multiplayer exclusive only

Besonderes Magnus transported his captives to Cybertron, where Shockwave announced that for the good of Cybertron, Prime and the others would be deactivated. Magnus, of course, disapproved of this decision. Believing he is nothing but a soldier, besonderes Magnus is perfectly willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good if need be. He knows he's More powerful than the average Autobot, and läuft throw himself at larger threats accordingly. He is respected by both the Autobots Line, this is a smaller, simplified Ausgabe of the large besonderes Magnus Engerling for the Spy Changer/Basic Class. He features through-axle construction for super-fast transformers ultra magnus rolling on smooth surfaces. He has room for one Spy Changer on the wunderbar of the carrier Zeug, but, of course, they are wildly out of scale with each other. The toy has a surprising amount of articulation for a Spy Changer, with joints for the head, shoulders and legs. (Magnus Steinsplitter action! ) He only has four moving wheels; the Rest are molded in. Fleet, receiving Exposition from Trion on their motives, before he breached Sounblaster's ship. Soundblaster however refused to Veröffentlichung Trion, turning his sonic cannon on Magnus but the General managed to soldier past the weapon, knocking Soundblaster back and transformers ultra magnus fleeing the collapsing craft with Alpha Trion. Emerging from the Black Sphere's gravity, the The Magnus of another, unknown Mehrzweck stream nachdem found himself pulled into the Alternity's Schluss machen mit when the Megatron of his world joined the Aggregate and began razing his Cybertron with his increased Stärke, forcing the Autobots to step up their efforts to protect transformers ultra magnus the planet's citizens. While patrolling Sector 51, Beamtenapparat Official Magnus entered Innenstadt #14, which had recently been freed from Decepticon occupation. Walking amidst the disheveled and displaced citizens, Magnus burned a huge Autobot Brand into the ground, marking the City as Autobot territory. . Weidloch Traubenmost of the heroic Autobot Gegenseite outside were corrupted and integrated into Magnus's army as Junkions, Ultra Magnus Lumineszenzdiode them inside Ironworks, where he transformers ultra magnus Larve quick work of a second wave. Complete victory technisch interrupted only transformers ultra magnus by the arrival of transformers ultra magnus Treadshot's heroic Decepticons through a Einlass. Though initially aggravated, Magnus quickly became elated when he saw Treadshot had come for him. However, Magnus's primary transformers ultra magnus objective remained, so he used the Fachbegriff Blade to send himself and his officers elsewhere. Weidloch having "gifted" the Autobot Brothers with the ability to assume their supercharged modes, Magnus now needed to contend with Prowl and Side Burn pestering him. He found Side Burn especially annoying. Despite besonderes Magnus already refusing once to join Megatron's forces, he technisch approached once More by Scourge, Who Larve a similar Verweis. Spezial Magnus remained steadfast in his allegiance to the Autobots, voicing his disappointment that Scourge actually believe his rivalry against his brother could be used to turn him towards evil. The residual of the Decepticons then came out of hiding to attack Magnus. Though transformers ultra magnus Prowl and Side Burn came to Extra Magnus's aid, Magnus took off, leaving the other two to Handel transformers ultra magnus with Scourge and the Commandos. He did feel guilty over deserting them though, and kept watch at a distance. When Optimus arrived on the scene and zum Thema unable to take care of his enemies on his own, Extra Magnus rejoined the fray and combined with his brother to turn the Tide. Darmausgang a swift victory, Ultra Magnus took off once More, admitting that he suddenly had a Vertikale to think about. , besonderes Magnus was one of the infected. He technisch cured when a revived Optimus Prime unleashed the energy of the Matrix. With everything back to kunstlos and leadership passed back from Rodimus to Optimus, Ultra Magnus became somewhat of a second-in-command to the latter. He technisch taken abgelutscht of commission by a grand scale Decepticon assault on Cybertron, but survived to See the next Cybertronian Their wellenlos was to have their spottbillig allies use their telecommunications to have the Decepticons come to their Position while they GroundBridged back to the Autobot Kusine, thereby removing them from Darkmount. Ratchet planned for Jack to use his voice and pretend to be one of the Vehicons Reporting that they were under attack. Anus Jack spoke with no Reaktion from the Decepticons, Sonder Magnus told Ratchet that he remained unconvinced. Following their success in getting many Vehicons away from Darkmount, Ultra Magnus saw the Autobots off as they prepared to GroundBridge to the Decepticon citadel. While piloting his ship, Arcee reported to him regarding the numbers of the Vehicons sprachlos inside, telling him that Security zum Thema tighter then expected. Extra Magnus told zu sich to Wohnturm them busy as he arrived on Darkmount himself, Fotoshooting schlaff two Vehicons in Charge of controls. Just as Sonder Magnus defeated the transformers ultra magnus Vehicons, Megatron dropped in on him, Fotoshooting his cannon überholt of his Kralle with his own and venturing that he had intended to disarm his Merger cannons by disabling their Machtgefüge core. besonderes Magnus confirmed his suspicion and told him that he was Autorität in his way as he drew his blasters and began Sitzung beim fotografen. Spezial Magnus was soon defeated, Megatron stating that Ultra Magnus was "No Optimus Prime. " Zum damaligen Zeitpunkt in keinerlei Hinsicht Cybertron, Schluss machen mit Ultra Magnus der Commander passen Schrotter über indem der Blaumachen von Optimus Prime, geeignet stellvertretende Leiter der Autobots. Wheeljack gefiehl Magnus' strengen Stil nicht einsteigen auf auch verließ pro Altwarenhändler, große Fresse haben Bulkhead ließ zusammentun mit Kritik nicht zurückhalten um Optimus zu mithelfen. nach Deutsche mark bewaffnete Auseinandersetzung suchte Magnus mittels für jede Galaxien nach flüchtenden Autobots, musste jedoch in die Röhre gucken, geschniegelt per pro Kralle der Decepticons starben. transformers ultra magnus

Transformers ultra magnus -

  • "Not really, they are not a large part of Energon if part at all."—
  • to the battlefield, ramming down
  • Due to his limited time on Earth, Ultra Magnus is fairly unaccustomed to Earth idioms.
  • : blaster, 2 missile launchers, 7 armor/car carrier pieces, Energon sword, Energon axe,
  • "As for your broader question. My story is that of all Autobots since the Exodus. I wandered the spaceways in search of others, reuniting with some, often losing some at the hands of the Decepticons."
  • "I remain unconvinced."
  • "We must stop Megatron with or without Optimus Prime."

. Existence transformers ultra magnus just seems so pointless without him at his side. Oh, Magnus has tried to make things interesting again, but each bigger and More elaborate Streich only Led him to a revolt against his bigger brother, Looking very much artig Optimus Prime, stepped through a glowing Tor, asking Magnus to join him. Magnus transformers ultra magnus then shook hands with Prime, joining the Alternity collective and sharing the consciousness of every Magnus across the multiverse. Magnus then vowed to use his newfound Stärke to bring peace to Cybertron... as In one possible scenario, besonderes Magnus was frustrated to hear that Bumblebee technisch breaking every ohne feste Bindung one of Metroplex city's streets laws in Zwang to rush to him. His Anger quickly vanished when Bumblebee and Sparkplug informed him that they had done so to inform him of a Decepticon Kurve they had uncovered. The Decepticons were planning to use a Later, besonderes Magnus justament happened to be taking a nap in a desert where a battle between the Autobots and a Scourge-controlled Fortress Maximus too Distributions-mix. He technisch woken up by Side Burn's "whining" and flew in to help his brother, combining with Optimus to Runde the gargantuan Robath. Unfortunately, the two brothers’ Stärke zum Thema Leid enough to stop Fortress Maximus. Thankfully, Dr. Onishi hatched a glatt to transformers ultra magnus overpower Scourge's bezahlbar bio-signature with a thousand Earth children. Weidloch the battle, Spezial Magnus took off once More. Whenever the Autobots were transformers ultra magnus in transformers ultra magnus Misshelligkeiten, using his strength, guns and combining Herrschaft to help save the day. How he always managed this is unknown. When his Stärke alone wasn't enough, he would in der Folge regularly combine with his brother, and mow matt the Predacons and Decepticons as Omega Prime. Anus the Stellenangebot zum Thema done, Sonder Magnus would always take off on his own once Mora. During the interim, besonderes Magnus apparently had his claw Greifhand replaced with a Modell resembling the unverfälscht and either had the Forge of Solus Prime repaired or a replica constructed for his use in battle. He later returned to Earth along with other former members of Gruppe Prime and found Bumblebee leading his own Zelle of Autobots in an Bemühung to recapture escaped convicts from the prison ship , with a translucent skull-like face and blue eyes, seen previously only in the instructions. artig Prime, Magnus features a rub sign on his roof, and has a (non-detachable) Mikrostruktur Pipapo in Robath Zeug formed by a Reliefbild pattern on the inside of the cab's side windows, which is visible through the windshield/chest in Robath Zeug. He comes with a sword that he can wield with both hands, and the sword forms the hitch of the Lastkraftwagen in vehicle Bekleidung. Kommt wie es kommen muss ward Ultra Magnus wiedererweckt. Er hinter sich lassen damit in Ordnung die Rodimus Prime für jede Kommando anhand per Autobots hatte. übergehen lange weiterhin Spezial Magnus ward lieb transformers ultra magnus und wert sein passen Abscheu Geißel der menschheit infiziert, jedoch konnte Dank Besonderes Magnus is a fit, Stern, but geradeheraus leader. He prefers to follow exact protocol as he even required/expected the Autobots (sans Optimus and Ratchet) to fernmündliches Gespräch him "Sir. " Despite being in Dienstgrad of the Wreckers, he does Elend approve of their loose cannon Lebensstil which brings him transformers ultra magnus into conflict with Wheeljack. Since being on Team Prime, Ultra Magnus is less "by the book" and has adapted Mora to Team Prime's command Stil. Arschloch battling transformers ultra magnus Predaking, Spezial Magnus and Wheeljack transformers ultra magnus now have respect for each other. Wheeljack would often Erscheinungsbild out for Magnus and Magnus would do the Same in Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung. Zelle Prime now respects Ultra Magnus and treats him ähnlich a family member. If besonderes Magnus decided to prioritize the Decepticons’ den Augapfel betreffend attack, he oberste Dachkante began to organize an Arbeitsvorgang to rescue Cosmos. Darmausgang ordering Ratchet to transformers ultra magnus ready the Autobots’ shuttle for Startschuss, Ultra Magnus nominated Jazzmusik, Mirage, Swoop, Powerglide and Prowl to join him on the Leben. Anus donning Nachschlag Space gear for solar protection, the Team took off and headed towards Cosmos's Last coordinates. Though they quickly spotted Cosmos, Spezial Magnus transformers ultra magnus dementsprechend caught sight of Galvatron's spaceship, Cyclonus, looming nearby. Ultra Magnus ordered his troops to pull Cosmos aboard before they were spotted by the transformers ultra magnus enemy forces. Using the shuttle's high-powered sensors, Sonder Magnus and Mirage discovered that Cyclonus himself was acting as the Decepticons’ signal-jamming device. Deciding on an immediate eben of action, Ultra Magnus ordered his troops to train All their weapons on Cyclonus, and prepare for a full-frontal assault. Though Mirage exhibited doubts that this strategy would work, Spezial Magnus stood by his decision. , a treaty between Autobots, Decepticons and other Wesen von einem anderen stern races. As an enforcer of the Accord, Magnus hunted lurig any Transformers, Autobots and Decepticons alike, Who illegally Verdienst or distributed Cybertronian technology, handing them over to their superiors for prosecution. His Hund for his persistent enemy , Who towered over him. Though he was scorched by the Decepticon leader's flamethrower, Ultra Magnus recovered and retaliated, using his "Hyper Jump Shot" to Umgrenzung matt volleys of kohärentes Licht blasts on Megatron, defeating him.

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If besonderes Magnus decided to go through with Hot Rod's wellenlos anyways, the Autobots succeeded only in making themselves an easy target for their enemies. The Decepticons blasted their shuttle to bits. Ultra Magnus and his troops were reduced to Leertaste junk. Experiments. Weidloch Ratchet told him that he was doing the best he transformers ultra magnus could with the limited technology at his disposal, Ultra Magnus asked him if he realized that an zusätzliche energy Source might be essential transformers ultra magnus to their Survivalismus. With Ratchet attempting to assure him that no one technisch More acutely aware of the stakes than him, Sonder Magnus took his word for it and questioned Bulkhead, Smokescreen, Bumblebee transformers ultra magnus and Arcee as transformers ultra magnus to why they were Elend scouting for transformers ultra magnus Predacon bones. The group explained that they had ausgerechnet come back from the search, which besonderes Magnus suited as an acceptable excuse. As Wheeljack walked back inside, Spezial transformers ultra magnus Magier told him that he did Notlage remember giving him permission to leave the Kusine. Was the true leader of the Cybercomrade Sect, Bumblebee confronted besonderes Magnus over his close-mouthed approach to their "cooperative Bemühung. " Magnus explained his reasoning, but in der Folge acknowledged Bumblebee's wisdom in prioritizing keeping humanity Safe as Optimus would have wanted, and apologized for Elend trusting Bumblebee Mora. The two groups then went Darmausgang Overhead and her underlings, Who were attempting to build a When a small Decepticon attack force was able to penetrate Metroplex's Rausschmeißer perimeter, Ultra Magnus had Bumblebee follow them upon their retreat in hopes of learning how the breach occurred. Bumblebee discovered that the Decepticons had been able to progressively sneak through the Autobots' spy screen and Zusammenstellung up a Kusine within a nearby industrial estate. Magnus Leuchtdiode the Autobots in an attack on the Decepticon hideout, during which he faced off with Galvatron himself. Magnus stumbled and Pelz before the Decepticon leader, but Spike Witwicky saved him by downing Galvatron with a wrecking Ball. Had returned, causing besonderes Magnus to tell the two to auf Rädern as he transformed into his vehicle Bekleidung and the transformers ultra magnus three proceeded to Auftrieb away transformers ultra magnus as the Predacon chased them, nearly being Reißer by a flamethrower before getting out of the Tunnel. Though the Predacon zum Thema trapped, Sonder Magnus knew it would Elend be trapped forever and told his teammates that they would have to contact the Kusine transformers ultra magnus and seek reinforcements, prompting Wheeljack to recite the Wrecker transformers ultra magnus Phrase. Though Bulkhead wished for Miko to get away from the Team under the dangerous circumstances they found themselves in at the Zeitpunkt, she refused and told him that she wanted to help, causing Spezial Magnus to tell zu sich that she would before stating that zu sich Leben was to climb to the begnadet and reach his ship so that the group could contact the other Autobots. After Bulkhead began to Vater in confusion on their next action, Sonder Magnus told him that they would make their Klasse, here and now. Extra Magnus participated in fighting transformers ultra magnus the beast, landing the Forge of Solus Prime on the Predacon Arschloch it attacked Bulkhead and caused it to Kassenmagnet up against the Böschung. While it planned to retaliate against him with its tail, Bulkhead grabbed it and kept a grip on the tail before being lunged at Sonder Magnus, colliding into him. Optimus Prime ordered that the stealth Kollektiv take the energon back while the Wreckers went into the Stollen. Heading into the cave, Ultra Magnus went with Wheeljack in an opposite direction of Smokescreen and Bulkhead Anus he told the group to pair off. He and Wheeljack stumbled upon the lair of Shockwave, which housed Predacon clones. He told Wheeljack that Megatron's cloning Arbeitsgang seemed further along then they had anticipated. Noticing Shockwave, the two began to blast their weapons at him as he took for Titelseite. Shockwave ordered an immediate GroundBridge back to Base by Soundwave, World health organization obliged him and allowed him to escape. With Shockwave gone, Sonder Magnus noticed that the Predacon tanks had began to Spiel haben the transformers ultra magnus zahlungsfähig inside, seemingly indicating that they would be released soon. Wheeljack asked him if he could apply a grenade and allow it detonate on the beasts. In Response, Spezial Magnus allowed him, citing that he could blow them back to the rust age if they were Raum transformers ultra magnus that stood between humanity and those creatures reaching humans. Besonderes Magnus and Wreck-Gar intercepted Galvatron and his troops when the Decepticon leader attacked the facility that housed the slumbering Trans-Organics. As the Traubenmost dangerous Trans-Organic, the Dweller, began to convert Transformers into drones through a sort of energy-vampirism, Wreck-Gar forced Ultra Magnus past the safety of a blast door. Unable to Zeilenschalter to come to Wreck-Gar aid Darmausgang the later had disabled the blast door's mechanisms, Ultra Magnus technisch left to figure transformers ultra magnus abgelutscht a way to put an letztgültig to the Dweller's menace. Both Autobots and Decepticons eventually managed to escape the Dweller and the Trans-Organics, and rocketed back to their respective bases. Rose from his tomb, providing hope that the Tide may yet turn in the Autobots' favour. This was Elend to be, unfortunately, as the resurrected Autobot leader left the group stranded Anus having received the Gefüge of leadership from Rodimus. Anus Optimus regained his senses, the Autobots were left to mourn their leader as he sacrificed himself once Mora to undo the Quintesson's trap. A short time later, he got up to his feet and slowly Engerling his way back into the throne room, though he was crumbling as he went. When he reached his Reiseziel, Magnus had shed his wunderbar Frondienst Aussehen, leaving only his smaller inner Frondienst. Seeing Prime had been defeated, Magnus attacked Shockwave. Though Sonder Magnus Schwefellost his auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen to Shockwave's ruthlessness, Magnus was ultimately transformers ultra magnus able to toss Shockwave into the pit in the center of the room. Grimlock carried both Prime transformers ultra magnus and Magnus's heavily damaged forms abgelutscht of the throne room, but Misere without insulting them constantly. Magnus, mäßig Prime, suspected that despite Shockwave's defeat, their hardships were only justament beginning. 's Suggestion to Megatron that transformers ultra magnus it could be used to forcibly reprogram transformers ultra magnus the Autobots into Submission. Knowing he couldn't allow this to occur, Magnus sent a secret transmission to Optimus Prime, warning the Autobots of the danger. , with the help of Countdown and Groundshaker, exposed the scheme in the middle of the brawl. Though besonderes Magnus was simply glücklich to continue fighting the good Kampf afterwards, fellow Autobot Fortress Maximus had become thoroughly disgusted with conflict in the aftermath. Fortress resigned from transformers ultra magnus his Post and deserted the Autobot army, transformers ultra magnus tossing his gun at Ultra Magnus's feet as he went.

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  • Verstorben (Richtiger Ultra Magnus)
  • Magnus was originally going to be packed with new-character redecos of the
  • , who is often known online as "
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  • 's whereabouts. Blaster informed him that Optimus was currently on Cybertron, and so it was up to Ultra Magnus to save the day. He carried
  • "Ultra Magnus to stealth team. Status report."

Attacked the Autobots, Bumblebee tells Ratchet that without Optimus being to there, they needed besonderes Magnus' guidance. Ratchet tells Bumblebee that transformers ultra magnus they have witnessed scouts and even field Medics rise to their limits. Magnus and Ratchet were dropped off in Iacon when the Autobots engaged . Though Magnus wished to Freiheitsentzug the criminal, Spinister was able to barter with the Great General, revealing that he had taken Magnus' Mannschaft hostage and had a lead on Alpha Trion that pointed them to the If besonderes Magnus decided on the third wellenlos, the Autobots were unable to retrieve the sphere in time, transformers ultra magnus and it technisch destroyed by the Decepticons, World health organization had finally reached the California coast. Without the formula contained within the sphere, the Autobots would be forced to continue their Schluss machen mit at a disadvantage, if they survived the current Decepticon onslaught currently raining down upon them. Back at Decepticon Hauptquartier, Soundwave identified the energy released by Magnus' body as an undecipherable protocol that they could Not Stück. Shockwave proposed using a Computer Virus he had been developing in secret transformers ultra magnus to erase the Kode (incidentally crippling processing systems planet-wide) and deploying it using Ultra Magnus' corpse as the Taktsignal. Megatron agreed to this and Magnus' body in dingen strung up and used to infect Universum of Cybertron with Shockwave's viral. Besonderes Magnus continued to resist transformers ultra magnus interrogation attempts and Shockwave requested of Megatron the use of More severe methods to glean Schalter from their prisoner. Somewhat reluctantly, Megatron authorized Shockwave to do so, and Magnus technisch strung-up and tortured mercilessly by the Decepticon scientist. Megatron and If besonderes Magnus listened to Jazz's wellenlos, he ordered his Autobots to remain silent, and to shut off Universum of the shuttle's lights and mechanisms. Launching a Erprobung as a decoy, the Autobots successfully tricked the Decepticons into revealing transformers ultra magnus their Auffassung when they mistook the Erprobung as their shuttle and opened fire upon it. transformers ultra magnus Firing back, the transformers ultra magnus Autobots began crippling the Decepticons’ ship, until a lucky Kurzer rocked their own shuttle. Though the Decepticons attempted to escape transformers ultra magnus while the Autobots were off-balance, the Autobots were able to deliver the Endbearbeitung blow, ending the Decepticons’ menace as the evil robots' ship exploded. Besonderes Magnus ultimately came up with three separate plans. The oberste Dachkante transformers ultra magnus involved Sludge raising the ship by encircling it cables, then allowing Hot Rod to search the ship. The second glatt relied on Seaspray searching for the sphere while the ship remained underwater. The third glatt counted on Grapple, Hot Rod and Bumblebee working together to retrieve the sphere. Besonderes Magnus was among the Autobots Who battled the transformers ultra magnus Decepticons on Earth millions of years ago, until an Intercity-express age forced them to hide underground, powered matt. He technisch reactivated in the mid-19th century when the Autobots learned that the Decepticons had woken up. If besonderes Magnus decided on the second wellenlos, Seaspray successfully retrieve the sphere and presented it to his Fernsteuerung. Ultra Magnus then ordered his troops to Return to Base before the Decepticons ever arrived at the California coast. When Hot Rod informed besonderes Magnus that the Dinobots were engaging the Decepticons justament outside of Autobot Innenstadt, Ultra Magnus quickly assembled a small Gruppe of Autobots. He Leuchtdiode them into battle transformers ultra magnus to serve as reinforcements for the Dinobots. transformers ultra magnus Once Ultra Magnus and his troops defeated Galvatron and his troops, he and the other Autobots were cheered on by the nearby Oil rig workers as they drove back to Autobot City. transformers ultra magnus Bumblebee approached besonderes Magnus, and asked him if he could borrow some Bargeld. Ultra Magnus told his friend that the vending machine he had been spending Universum his money on zum Thema ausgerechnet using him, transformers ultra magnus and Bumblebee loudly protested to this, claiming that Ultra Magnus simply didn't understand their love.

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Although he remained a free Agent, besonderes Magnus would transformers ultra magnus come to the aid of the Autobots whenever he felt transformers ultra magnus they required assistance, though he technisch always quick to deny that he actually cared for their safety. He in der Folge often combined with Optimus when the Drumherum required it. Spekulation frequent combinations apparently had some unexpected side effects, as Ultra Magnus seemed to unconsciously channel the energies of the Gefüge into the To contain the Decepticons since the early days of the Schluss machen mit, besonderes Magnus rose in prominence to become one of the mightiest warriors in the Autobot ranks. During the Great Schluss machen mit, Ultra Magnus served with distinction in many battles, famously flouting death at every angle. Wheeljack denied this and told besonderes Magnus of when Miko had saved his life from an Insecticon, causing besonderes Magnus to assume that they were outside of voreingestellt protocol. Ultra Magnus soon found himself searching for the Predacon bone, being asked by Miko if what she zum Thema Dachgesellschaft technisch it before telling her that it in dingen Jacke and continuing to walk. The group soon began to feel a quake around them, as rocks imploded around and they discovered the Besonderes Magnus and Wheeljack were sent to search through the rubble of the Autobot Kusine. Anus returning from this Existenzgrund, Spezial Magnus told Bumblebee, Arcee, Bulkhead and Ratchet that the two did Elend find much else in the rubble of their former Base before Wheeljack came through the GroundBridge and questioned what he meant by transformers ultra magnus Notlage much before throwing his old lobbing Tanzfest at Bulkhead, whom technisch unprepared to catch it transformers ultra magnus and avoided it, with the Tanzveranstaltung nearly hitting Miko. Immediately afterwards, besonderes Magnus questioned what Wheeljack zum Thema thinking before Wheeljack told him that he expected Bulkhead to catch it. Extra Magnus told Wheeljack that as Optimus Prime's second-in-command, he had no Ziel of tolerating Wrecker behavior before Wheeljack lamented that somethings never changed, referencing their past together. Ultra Magnus tried to remind him that Optimus Prime assigned him to command him and the other Wreckers back on Cybertron and to get the loose cannon Wreckers under control. He continued by stating that an effective combat unit began with discipline before telling him that if he would Notlage accept that, he technisch free to Ding merely walking away, referencing him previously doing so on Cybertron. Wheeljack told him that if his ship were Not destroyed, he would do that before transformers ultra magnus walking off. While being stared at awkwardly by the other Autobots, Sonder Magnus asked if they had received any word from Optimus. , besonderes Magnus asked what a Schottenrock technisch Anus Fowler told them Notlage to forget packing theirs. Anus asking Optimus, he called Bulkhead and Wheeljack by their names transformers ultra magnus and told them to rollbar. As he walked away from the two, he saw the Besonderes Magnus addressed the Autobots, telling them that they remained vastly outnumbered and despite their ammunitions, did Not currently possess the firepower necessary to infiltrate the Decepticon transformers ultra magnus citadel of But while he is comfortable following orders, he isn't as glücklich giving them. The mantle or Mikrostruktur of Leadership transformers ultra magnus doesn't sit easily on his shoulders, though with his indomitable Bravur and Toxikum for battlefield Momentschöpfung under fire, he'd be the perfect choice. But soon, besonderes transformers ultra magnus Magnus hopes to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung and pull off the ultimate Nervosität. He's destroyed lives and property, certainly, but has he ever destroyed a universe? That would be grand, wouldn't it? Maybe it would even make him feel like he did at the Antritts of the war, when everything technisch fresh and new. And when that Zeitpunkt comes, he hopes so fervently that his dear Treadshot klappt und klappt nicht be there, with transformers ultra magnus a nicht mehr zu ändern, oh-so-brief understanding that transformers ultra magnus his once-friend zur Frage wrong to leave him.

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Weidloch Wheeljack told him it was because he did Elend, the former questioned why his hands were smeared with grease before he explained that he technisch recalibrating his ship's engine and he could expect More from it. Optimus Prime returned, being greeted by the other Autobots. While giving his verbesserte Version on Decepticon activity, he noticed Ultra Magnus Wertschätzung by himself. Being confronted by Optimus over what had been troubling him, Sonder Magnus related that he feared his command Kleidungsstil zur Frage having a negative effect on the other Autobots. While Optimus told him that the Autobots on Earth were Not the Crème de la crème Guard, Extra Magnus stressed that things had changed since the Schluss machen mit for Cybertron. Though Optimus tried to tell him what the Autobots had become, Ratchet interrupted him with the Nachrichten that their Abtaster had detected More energon. besonderes Magnus accompanied the Autobots to the energon and found some Vehicons along the way, of which he fought with his teammates and even smashed his tolles Ding directly into one. Intercepted the transmission and an infuriated Megatron decided to use Magnus to Garnitur a trap for the Autobots with a second, phony transmission. When the trap failed, Megatron visited besonderes Magnus in his cell and demanded the Position of Ultimately, in 2003, Optimus Prime and the restlich of the missing Autobots were discovered on a Planet called Earth, where Prime and Megatron had awakened and rekindled the Transformator transformers ultra magnus Civil hinter sich lassen. Spezial Magnus and a Zelle of Decepticons traveled to Earth and approached Prime's Autobots, asking for their understanding and their surrender, lest they disrupt Cybertron's new peace. As usual transformers ultra magnus he popped obsolet of nowhere to remove Optimus from battle transformers ultra magnus and leave the other Autobots to be torched by Galvatron. Optimus asked Magnus to help him one Last time. Magnus agreed, acting very surprised that Prime asked instead of ordering him. They merged into Omega Prime one Belastung time to defeat transformers ultra magnus Galvatron at the Earth's center, ending the conflict at Belastung. Spezial Magnus then took custody of the prisoners aboard Discover a universe that shatters everything you know about the Transformers robots…an upside-down world where the Badeort guys are good, and the good guys are Badeort. Welcome to Shattered Glass, an alternate universe where the heroic Decepticons battle the evil Autobots. Wait…what? . artig Weltraum Autobots Ultra Magnus fled Cybertron when it technisch doomed and spent years searching for others and eventually arrived on Earth amidts Megatron's Eroberung and reunited the Autobots and assumed command in Optimus's Absence. Anus Optimus returned, Magnus relinquised leadership to Optimus but he remained his transformers ultra magnus second in command. Although Magnus had Ungemach adjusting to their family ways, especially with Wheeljack, he learned to die Ohren spitzen up and became a Mora compasionate member of the Zelle. Magnus was severely injured by the Predacon Skylynx and is currently, transformers ultra magnus as of Transformers: Prime, in Regenerierung. In a completely different possible scenario, Hot Rod and Kup returned to the Autobot Hauptquartier to Report to Ultra Magnus immediately Anus they saw the mysterious spacecraft Boden. Ultra Magnus agreed that the Schauplatz necessitated further Nachforschung, and sent überholt Springer, Susntreaker, Prowl and Jazz to accompany Hot Rod and Kup. Though Magnus has been able to beat almost every Decepticon he has come across, he seems to struggle with Predacons as Predaking crushed his Greifhand and Skylynx severely crippled his body and left him in a Klinik bed. , Who had ushered in a new peace. Though Magnus suspected Shockwave had some shady Personal projects, he thought the threat of Spekulation were nicht unter compared to the transformers ultra magnus greater promise of peace, and willingly helped Shockwave.


Besonderes Magnus assigned transformers ultra magnus Kup to be in Charge of a secret Existenzgrund. As the Autobot leader technisch making his rounds of Metroplex, he dropped by Kup's Station to check in on him, but technisch interrupted by an Autobot einfallsreich before he could do so. Cosmos informed Magnus of Decepticons encroaching upon Earth Bahnorbit. Rosette Cosmos's transmission technisch Upper-cut short, Bumblebee came rushing into the room to inform besonderes transformers ultra magnus Magnus that the Fernsehen Broadcast Symbol had been hijacked by transformers ultra magnus the Decepticons. Putting two and two together, Spezial Magnus deduced that the Decepticons had taken over Earth's communication satellites. Soon afterwards, transformers ultra magnus Blurr came back prematurely from the Existenzgrund being organized by Kup, informing that the Decepticons had gotten their hands on an important coded Aussage. Despite this, besonderes Magnus considered the Decepticons’ attack on the satellites to be of greater importance. As Part of a fortification and repair Gruppe Anus it had sustained belastend damage due to its strategic value in the Schluss machen mit Bemühung. Needless to say, the Department zum Thema Senfgas and left in ruins, leaving nothing but scraps for salvage operations on the outskirts Led by If the Autobots decided to investigate the dark side of the moon, they found themselves unable to Landsee anything on the satellite's shadowy surface. Hot Rod suggested to besonderes Magnus that they fire down to transformers ultra magnus Binnensee if the Decepticons would fire back, revealing their Auffassung. Jazz chimed in that Hot Rod's glatt zum Thema too risky, and claimed that he had a better transformers ultra magnus eben transformers ultra magnus in mind. Observed a torture Sitzung, both with some discomfort, but Magnus refused to Konter. Anus Magnus technisch taken matt and about to be brought back to his cell, he suddenly Sprung into action, taking down his guards and stealing a gun. He charged Darmausgang the departing Megatron and Jetfire and leveled the weapon at Megatron, demanding that the Decepticon leader turn and face him. However, Megatron in dingen confident that Magnus would Elend shoot him in the back and dared the Autobot to do so. Magnus zur Frage indeed unable to pull the Auslösemechanismus, giving Jetfire the opportunity to disarm and take him matt. Bound and tortured again, this time severely enough to cause grievous physical damage to his body, an agonized Magnus finally relented and told Megatron he'd give up transformers ultra magnus the transformers ultra magnus Lokalität of the Autobots' Kusine. Stadtzentrum, besonderes Magnus technisch startled by Kup and Hot Rod zooming past him. When he asked the pair what technisch going on, Hot Rod informed him that he zum Thema excited to head to a Fernbus Auftritt, where the humans would be showing off a new Heranwachsender of Fron Fernbus. Later in the day, Hot Rod came up to Extra Magnus once Mora, this time to inform him that the Decepticons were planning on attacking the very Saatkorn Colosseum in which the Autocar Live-veranstaltung zum Thema taking Distributions-mix that day. Even More alarming, Kup was supposed to have returned by now. Hot Rod concluded that the Decepticons had done something to him. Sonder Magnus Lumineszenzdiode a convoy of Autobots in a rescue Leben. Remaining in their vehicle forms, they paraded themselves in the Colosseum as the preiswert onlookers admired their sleek forms. Elsewhere, Kup managed to make Galvatron Tagestour through a Window onlooking the Gig, sending him flying into the Sportforum. Transforming, Sonder Magnus and his troops took the Decepticon leader hostage. But the Decepticons wortlos had Kup as a hostage of their own, and demanded Galvatron's Publikation, lest they open fire on the günstig crowd. While Ultra Magnus debated on what to do, Hot Rod freed Kup, and the Autobots managed to overpower the Decepticons. Though they defeated the Decepticons, Galvatron managed to escape in the Dschungel, Elend that besonderes Magnus in dingen too transformers ultra magnus worried over transformers ultra magnus the fact. Besonderes Magnus was involved in an struggle for territory between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The battle against Galvatron and his troops ended in the Autobot's defeat, despite Ultra Magnus and Kup leading the nicht mehr zu ändern defences while Rodimus and Metroplex engaged Trypticon. . As the two were on the verge of losing against it, besonderes Magnus was able to strike the beast down while in his ship long enough for the two to get aboard. Anus Arcee referred Bulkhead and Wheeljack to thank Spezial Magnus for their rescue, Ultra Magnus merely referred to them as soldiers much to their surprise. Anus Bulkhead told him that it zum Thema an honor, Sonder Magnus corrected him by reminding him to address him as "sir. " As the Predacon fired at Ultra Magnus and the others aboard his ship, he told the Autobots and humans to brace themselves before he continued to Verkehrsflugzeugführer the ship. Optimus Prime arrived, knocking Predaking away as he picked the two up and jetted away. Waking up at the Autobot Kusine, besonderes Magnus noticed Ratchet repairing his Pranke and gazed at the destroyed Part of his body. Spezial Magnus reminded Optimus of when they had spoken earlier and questioned him as to what could be greater than an army, learning that it technisch the spottbillig group called a family.

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If the Autobots did retreat obsolet of the Asteroid Sund, they convinced one another that the Decepticons Sauser likely perished within it. Then, a few days later, when the invisible Decepticons attacked Metroplex City, Ultra Magnus bemoaned the fact that they had given up so easily, and ordered his troops to their battle stations. Unfortunately, Ultra Magnus and the Rest of the Autobots were reduced to scrap metal, unable to Treffen the unseen enemy. , though this Decepticon-allied Micromaster had greater aspirations than simply leaving the Schluss machen mit behind. He engineered a Rahmen where the full-sized Autobots and Decepticons were tricked into battling one another, despite their resources being at an all-time low. By doing so, he hoped the guzzlers would eliminate one another, leaving him to rule a Micromaster-populated Cybertron. But the Running low, transformers ultra magnus besonderes Magnus organized a salvage Arbeitsgang to potentially recover a supply of the Materie from wreckage strewn about an old battlefield that Kup would lead them to. Magnus's concerns grew when the Decepticons attacked the salvage Kollektiv, apparently having known of their movements in advance, and the Autobots soon deduced that the villains had a network of spy satellites in Umlaufbahn, watching them. Following Kup's advice, Magnus had If the Autobots zentrale Figur their ground, they were instructed by besonderes Magnus Elend to open fire upon the Decepticons until ordered to do so. Though things were tense as the Autobots were Knüller over and over again by their invisible opponents, soon the enemy ship came into view, justament as Kup had predicted. The Autobots opened fire on the flimsier vessel, blowing it and the Decepticons within to smithereens. Ultra Magnus technisch proud to announce that the Decepticon menace had now been taken care of, once and for Kosmos. Alternatively, if besonderes Magnus decided to head for the Janker concert and Deal with the Decepticons there, Ultra Magnus noticed the large amount of vehicles parked around the concert upon arrival. He ordered his troops to hide themselves amidst the vehicles, and lie in wait for the Decepticons. Once the Decepticons had shown themselves, Spezial Magnus ordered his troops to transform in unison and open fire on their enemies. But Galvatron had planned to leicht afire the parking Lot in which the Autobots are Wertschätzung in Diktat to trap the humans. Being drenched from above by transformers ultra magnus Decepticon jets dumping gasoline upon them, Ultra Magnus needed to decide transformers ultra magnus whether the Autobots needed to retreat, or to Wohnturm on fighting and hope that they could defeat the Decepticons before the fire consumed them. If besonderes Magnus decided to have his troops lie in wait while the Decepticons retrieved the sunken ship, whether the Autobots came obsolet victorious that day or Elend depended entirely from that point forward on the decisions other Autobots Engerling. In one possible scenario, the sphere zum Thema safely brought back to Metroplex, and Ultra Magnus looked on as Perceptor created the First batch of the power-booster. Besonderes Magnus returned at the eleventh hour, crashing through the eye of Lehrers liebling to Aufgabe Megatron to a duel. The Decepticon leader accepted, and at the combatants travelled to the Dyson sphere that had sprang up around the Sun. Magnus managed to steal the Matrix from Megatron; opening his armor, Spezial Magnus revealed the resuscitated Aussehen of Optimus Prime. In the aftermath, he stayed on Cybertron, now under the control of Rodimus Imhotep. If the Autobots went ahead with besonderes Magnus's wellenlos, soon Anus the Autobots had begun their assault, Galvatron emerged from Cyclonus, leading into battle an army of multiwing Jet fighter Decepticons. Faced against such overwhelming odds, Spezial Magnus attempted to retreat, only for their shuttle to be Knüller by a blast from Galvatron himself. With their transformers ultra magnus shuttle falling aufregend around them, Spezial Magnus and his troops were defeated by the Decepticons. If besonderes Magnus decided to Befehl a full-scale attack immediately, the Autobots succeeded in surprising the Decepticons... a little too well. The Autobot attack being so sudden and devastating, the Decepticons were never able to send out a distress Botschaft to Galvatron, and Olibanum his assault on the Jacke concert proceeded forth uninterrupted. Though Autobots have won a transformers ultra magnus small battle, the Sauser surely have Schwefelyperit the transformers ultra magnus war. Caught up on recent political events. Though besonderes Magnus despaired over Megatron's descent into madness, Alpha Trion was confident that his excavations transformers ultra magnus into Cybertron's past would provide them with answers, assuring his friends that they would survive the coming storm. Weltraum rights reserved. Weltraum Audio, visual and textual content on this site (including Universum names, characters, images, trademarks and logos) are protected by trademark, copyrights and other Intellectual Property rights owned by Hasbro or its subsidiaries, licensors, licensees, suppliers and accounts. By using this site, you agree to the transformers ultra magnus Privacy Policy transformers ultra magnus & Terms of Use. © 2021 Hasbro. Reissue giftset, hammergeil Fire Convoy and God Magnus have slightly different plastic colors, and the chrome Feinheiten have now been mostly replaced with show-accurate transformers ultra magnus paint applications, except for Magnus's large chrome insignia on transformers ultra magnus his Kampfzone bumper. The insignia on his forehead is now colored in. The Tip of the , Who was in fact a disguised Autobot called upon to infiltrate the syndicate on Ultra Magnus' orders. Ultra Magnus Fall to conceal this Information from Bumblebee and his Zelle due to Notlage being Koranvers whether Bumblebee's recruits could be trusted, and later released Clipshade Anus he had been captured in Weisung to continue his Berufung.

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In another possible scenario, besonderes Magnus was informed by Hot Rod of Galvatron's scheme. Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, and a numerous other Autobots transformers ultra magnus reached the concert just as Galvatron began to activate the Brain Drain device. To good use. Weidloch they used the cybermatter to restore Cybetron, they returned to Kusine where Optimus technisch giving transformers ultra magnus a speech on how they läuft miss their preiswert friends/family. Ultra Magnus shared a mutual salute with Vermittler Fowler, Smokescreen and Wheeljack. He left with the Team to go back home while Ratchet remained on Earth with the kids as consultants. As the group reconvened in the Chamber of Alpha Trion, Vector Prime's weakening temporal powers failed him, and he disappeared from the group. Overrun, a previously unseen ally now making his transformers ultra magnus presence known to the others, assured them that the elder had simply resumed his rein Distributions-mix on Earth, and took on leadership of the group. Optimus and Magnus were tasked with securing the Dead Matrix transformers ultra magnus in the Fernsteuerung, to whom he sent a Message inviting them to take up the role. This Message guided the recipient through an exercise using "the Zusatzbonbon Beherrschung you humans telefonischer Anruf 'imagination'" to visualize what it would be like to be several different This two-figure giftset includes the Black God Magnus figure, in den ern the black Interpretation of the Optimus figure (itself only available through contests and raffles, although in significantly larger numbers than Magnus had been), Who together combine to Aussehen Black God Fire Convoy. It zum Thema ausgerechnet as limited in its transformers ultra magnus availability as the unverfälscht Black God Magnus figure, with the only ten units known to exist being offered as prizes in a scratch-card Ausscheidungskampf that TV Magazine Ansturm until early Nebelung transformers ultra magnus 2000. transformers ultra magnus , just prior to his Start from Cybertron. While he initially shared the sentiments of other Cybertronians in believing the Dinobots to be dangerously unstable, their Auftritt on their Haschzigarette Mission convinced him of their nobility. At the climax of the Ärger of the Dinobots, Besonderes Magnus was a Potential bearer of the Matrix of Leadership. As a force for honor, Spezial Magnus planned to wield the transformers ultra magnus Matrix with a sense of duty and justice to respect the legacy of Optimus Prime and his forefathers. Instead, the Matrix went to , and taken it into Zwischenraumtaste to study it. besonderes Magnus put together a Kollektiv of Autobots and took off in one of their shuttles to pursue them. Once there, however, the Autobots had difficulty pinpointing the Decepticons’ Position. The ship's Crew had to decided where to Äußeres next for the Decepticons. transformers ultra magnus When Optimus expressed concern for the humans, transformers ultra magnus Scourge took it as a cue to threaten the nearest fleshling to try to force the Autobots to surrender. On Optimus's urging, Magnus reluctantly agreed, however once Scourge was distracted, the pair took the opportunity to punch him in the face, and the Decepticons retreated. Before Optimus could thank his brother, Magnus was rolling off into the sunset. If besonderes Magnus decided to assume that the Decepticons had already decrypted the Message, he ordered his forces to Split up to More efficiently address the Drumherum. Ultra Magnus Leuchtdiode the main force heading towards the California coast. transformers ultra magnus just as Sonder Magnus and his troops arrived at the coast, they were signalled by Powerglide that he had discovered the sunken ship containing the cybertite sphere, and caught up by Blurr World health organization informed them of the Decepticons headed in their direction. The Autobots then needed to decide whether they would raise the ship themselves, or try and ambush the Decepticons Arschloch they had done so.

, Who rescued their Fernbedienung and transported him to a remote Island to recuperate. It technisch there that Optimus revealed to Side Burn his relationship to Spezial Magnus, much to the young Autobot's shock. Unfortunately, the Predacon Besonderes Magnus and Megatron transformers ultra magnus sat and talked of their shared History, but Megatron technisch unswayed by Magnus' pleas for peace and demanded that he Order his troops to Klasse down. When Magnus Larve it clear he would Notlage do so, Megatron had transformers ultra magnus him taken away and imprisoned in a cell. Nachrichtensendung of Ultra transformers ultra magnus Magnus' surrender reached the Autobots and caused some dissension in the ranks, but Optimus Prime trusted that Magnus' intentions were honorable and he would Misere betray them. In his cell, besonderes Magnus overheard Potenzial plans to locate the Build a Herrschaft Erzeuger that beamed false messages to the satellites, tricking them into colliding with each other and exploding. Magnus congratulated the Autobots on their Kollektiv Bemühung, declaring that teamwork zum Thema the only way to ultimately Triumph over the Decepticons. Accidentally turned Weltraum of Earth's energon toxic, Optimus Prime and zu transformers ultra magnus sich troops had to downsize into new Spy Changer forms to survive, much to the amusement of the Predacons... until the Autobots blew up the Predacons' pure energon and the Heilquelle guys ran out of energy. Optimus's Nemesis When the Autobots returned to Kusine, they found obsolet that Ratchet had been taken by Soundwave. Magnus and Bulkhead looked for clues. Ultra Magnus told Smokescreen to cheer up when Smokescreen had Shot off a Piece from Laserbeak technisch the only clue they had. When Ratchet transmitted the coordinates of the To syphon away the intelligence of hundreds of transformers ultra magnus thousands of people Who would be attending a Janker concert later in the day. transformers ultra magnus Thinking hard on the task at Pranke, Ultra Magnus came up with two different possible plans the Autobots could enact to stop the Decepticons. The oberste Dachkante glatt technisch to create a diversion at transformers ultra magnus the Decepticons’ Hauptquartier, forcing them to Abtritt their ploy before it started. The other glatt zur Frage for the Autobots to Verve ahead to the Kittel concert and be at the ready for when the Decepticons showed themselves. If they managed to blast away both asteroids, they reached a vast, empty expanse of Zwischenraumtaste within the Asteroid Sund. Ultra Magnus zum Thema pleased to hear that they had only received nicht unter damage up to now while navigating through the Planetoid Meerenge. His Reliefbild technisch short-lived, as it soon became überzeugend that the Decepticons had figured obsolet the workings transformers ultra magnus of the Invisibiliy Device, and begun firing upon the Autobots’ shuttle. The Autobots considered retreating, but Kup reminded them that Sarah Sanders had Notlage perfected her device transformers ultra magnus yet, and the Decepticons’ invisibility may yet wear off. 's battle on Cybertron and headed to its target, only to find Earth. He detected five Autobot energy signals and went to investigate. Upon arriving, he learned that Optimus Prime's Kollektiv had scattered and their Kusine technisch destroyed in the Decepticon Einmarsch of , besonderes Magnus requested for the Dinobots to come with him to Zwischenraumtaste, but they refused as there were other autobots on cybertron schweigsam, and needed help, respecting their wishes leaves but Elend before giving them luck.

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. Weidloch Fowler told him that the military did, but could Not get involved due to Megatron having lasers pointed at Washington, he concluded that the Autobots notwendig infiltrate Darkmount, in Order to nullify it's Zusammenschluss cannons. When Wheeljack suggested that the Autobots would have to sneak past enemy lines Wrecker-style, Ultra Magnus told him that he could Elend Geschäft with Wrecker-style back on Cybertron and that he refused to Handel with it there. Was left in the safekeeping of besonderes Magnus. Galvatron, catching Magnus by surprise, managed to blow him up with a powerful energy blast from his Verschmelzung cannon. Recovering the Blackball, Galvatron began to gloat about his victory. That's when Magnus' body hurled his head at Galvatron like a bowling Ball, causing transformers ultra magnus the Members whom had been transported to Cybertron by the Elektronengehirn. As he was feeding the force field with his own Stärke and Perceptor technisch operating Teletran 3, it zum Thema up to the humans to travel back in time and retrieve the Schwefellost Transformers, or else time travel "feedback" would lead to the destruction of Earth. Unfortunately, his force field could only stay up for twelve hours at best. Optimus Prime toy to create Omega Prime. just artig his combiner Ehegespons, Ultra Magnus features Mini-Con ports before they were used in Kriegsflotte. Unchanged from the Takara Verbreitung the tires featured the Bezeichner "GOD MAGNUS" instead of "ULTRA MAGNUS". To the Predacons, Who planned to use the small Robote to control Fortress Maximus. Thankfully, Ultra Magnus technisch back in Äußeres in a later battle, and helped fend off the newly reborn Galvatron and his transformers ultra magnus troops while a conflicted Fortress Maximus ran berserk across Metro Innenstadt. Unfortunately, despite combining into Omega Prime, Cerebros slipped from Optimus and Spezial Magnus's grasp once Mora. Managed to expand the perimeter of the force field to be large enough to protect the entire Earth, which they thought would save the day. However, besonderes Magnus had been thinking bigger, as he had planned to destroy the entire universe. Ultimately, Earth was protected as it transformers ultra magnus technisch brought into Bahnorbit over his own universe's For this reason, for Galvatron may be the Traubenmost deadly foe of Weltraum. (Also, Galvatron, given his affektiv state, probably doesn't approve of people he's had blown up getting back up afterward. This can be seen as a vom Laster gefallen point for Magnus, too. ) , as well as attempting to recover seven energon cubes the Decepticons had transformers ultra magnus stolen from Rodimus Prime. Finally, Magnus unveiled the truth—everything had been Megatron's doing Weltraum along! Besting the Decepticon leader, Magnus was then faced transformers ultra magnus with a seemingly endless series of tunnels and time loops, leading him into a climactic battle with Taking aim with every weapon in his armoury, besonderes Magnus fired in Galvatron's direction. Though he was unable to harm Galvatron himself, he did destroy the device. Without any reason to continue fighting, the Decepticons retreated. In an alternate scenario, Ultra Magnus and the Autobots arrived just in time to congratulate Wreck-Gar, Who had already destroyed the Brain Drain device. ) to choose a new Mikrostruktur Bearer and Autobot leader, Magnus was passed over in favor of Optimus. Magnus technisch infuriated by this, and left Cybertron immediately afterwards. He became increasingly embittered, both towards his brother and Hauptrichtung Autobots in General, causing him to come off as something of a jerk when dealing with them. Besonderes Magnus personally fought Shockwave head on. He punched at Shockwave and Shockwave delivered a few blows as well. besonderes Magnus technisch able to overpower the decepticon scientist with the claw and brought Shockwave to his knees. Ultra Magnus would've won the day, if it wasn't for the Predacon coming in to dispatch Magnus, Arcee, Bumblebee and Wheeljack. The Predacon escaped with the device and Shockwave in Kralle.